New Ideas on Structural Violence

Way back in 2013 I rediscovered the concept of information asymmetries. I knew then that this would be an important topic going forward. At the time I was particularly enamored of the idea of adverse selection; I did not know how to make use of the other types of information asymmetries: signaling and screening. It took me a few more years of thinking about information asymmetries before I was able to make sense of the concept.

I cannot quite put my finger on an exact point in time where information asymmetries started to make sense to me, but I ended up using them to explain the concept of structural violence when I wrote my thesis. I wrote that “information asymmetries represent the mechanics of structural violence.” Information asymmetries are the micro components of inequality and structural violence represents inequality at the macro level.

This is my current assessment. My research is ongoing. That means this assessment is subject to change based upon future research and the ideas of competent critics. I am hoping for numerous competent critics.

So we are left with a couple of important questions. Why is structural violence important? And what does it have to do with activism? In answer to those questions, structural violence is important because it represents entrenched inequalities in a society. Activism is an attempt by individuals or groups within a society to affect these inequalities either by destroying or maintaining them.

The purpose of the Digital Guerrilla Project is to study how activist use technology in the fight against or the maintenance of inequality. The hope is that this knowledge will be useful in the fight against inequality. The vision is for a world where structural violence and inequalities are just memories.


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