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Thai generals versus Facebook

This is an interesting article from Strategy Page. During the last coup in Thailand the old playbook of taking control of the traditional media did little to deter street level demonstrations or the opposition. Facebook appears to be to blame for this lack of proper control. So, logically, the generals decided to block access to […]

How to Guarantee The Win

This is a post script to the Dorner saga. It seems that even in death Christopher Dorner has created a spot of bother for the LAPD. Joel Rubin of the LA Times wrote that there have been 40 requests by fired officers to have their cases reviewed. Gary Ingemunson, attorney for the Los Angeles Police […]

Using YouTube to beat the VA

I heard this story on NPR, by Quil Lawrence this morning. Kevin English is a Marine who did numerous tours of duty in Iraq. He filed a claim for VA benefits in February of 2011 and then waited for a response that didn’t come. Then his wife, Lindsay Dove, uploaded a video to YouTube which described their […]

iTunes may have been used to plant spyware, and the power of NGOs

FinFisher is a spyware program used by police and government agencies to spy on a PC without the user’s knowledge. Strategy Page likens it to tapping a computer the same way a phone might be tapped, though in this case no warrant would be required. Wikipedia states that a security flaw in iTunes allowed unauthorized users […]

Smartphones and Military Security

I found this Strategy Page article fascinating for a number of reasons. It explains how technology is causing headaches for the powers that be in the Republic of Korea; a place where I happen to have spent some time in my youth. It seems that the conscripts in the ROK army are using cell phones to […]

The Semi-Fall(?) and Future of Anonymous

Just finished reading a fascinating article by Quinn Norton, writing for Threat Level. It tells the tale of Hector Xavier Monsegur, known to Anonymous as Sabu. He was arrested by the FBI and then used to gather information on his colleagues in the hacker community. The article provide a pretty thorough history of Anonymous. And I found […]