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Hacking Required to Be Prosecuted as Hacker

From Threat Level, David Kravets’ post describes how a federal appeals court rebuked the Justice Department. Employees may not be prosecuted under a federal anti-hacking statute for simply violating their employer’s computer use policy, a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday, dealing a blow to the Obama administration’s Justice Department, which is trying to use the same […]

California bill would block cellphone tracking without warrant

From the LA Times Tech Now blog.  CA State Senator Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) has introduced SB1434, a bill designed to limit government authority to obtain cellular phone based location information without a warrant. According to the post, the ACLU has found that it is common practice among law enforcement agencies throughout the United States to track […]

In five years everybody will have a smart phone

I found this through Matthew Yglesias’ Moneybox blog, again from Slate (which you may notice is one of my favorite reads). Mr. Horace Dediu reports that over half of U.S. households now have smartphones.  There is a graph showing that it has taken smartphones less than 10 years to reach this level of penetration. Mr. Dediu […]

Stolen health records

This blog article from the NY Times tells the story of the theft of 780,000 health records from the state of Utah. Ordinarily this would fall outside of my interests because it is more a description of criminality than activism. But a little less than half way through the article we get a quote from Eddie […]