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New Term in the TDGP glossary

I added a very preliminary definition of The System to The Digital Guerrilla Project glossary page. It works as it is, but  I feel like there should be a bit more there, but I don’t yet know what that is. If the definition seems familiar it is because I adapted it from a phrase I […]


The activist works on their own behalf with their own motivations and desires fueling them. The advocate works on someone else’s behalf. Though an advocate may or may not be paid, earning a living is not an indication that the advocate lacks sincerity. However, it does throw some wrenches into the mix. This is not to say […]

The Activist

An activist is a person who acts, on their own, to attain a stated political, social, economic, or policy goal. There are probably many other types of goals, but these are the types that will concern us the most. This kind of person will start a protest or movement or create an organization based on […]