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On the future of The Digital Guerrilla Project

I am back. Though it may look, from the perspective of those who might be observing the work on my blogs (the gallant few), I have been hard at work trying to apply Occam’s razor to my own work. After quite a long hiatus wherein I spent hours thinking about what actions I should take, […]

Interesting Quote #1

… the vast majority of conflicts happen between people and groups with differences in power, authority, and status. from Making Conflict Work: Harnessing the Power of Disagreement by Peter T. Coleman and Robert Ferguson

The FBI Knows what you’re saying

I am really not surprised that the FBI is collecting and archiving acronyms from social media. I suppose social media is as good a place to look for terrorist as any other. Of course, you have to understand what people are talking about. I guess what surprised me the most was that there are people, […]