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New Ideas on Structural Violence

Way back in 2013 I rediscovered the concept of information asymmetries. I knew then that this would be an important topic going forward. At the time I was particularly enamored of the idea of adverse selection; I did not know how to make use of the other types of information asymmetries: signaling and screening. It took me […]

Sandra Bland and Arbitrary Tyranny

As you are probably aware, Sandra Bland is a young woman who was found dead in her cell in Waller County, Texas on July 13. I have been giving no small amount of thought to this senseless series of events. I have watched as people in both mainstream and social media take sides to assign culpability in this sad, […]

Structural Violence in Economics

At least in the financial markets. I found this article on the website. They claim to have found the article on WTF news. At any rate, it seems that wall street types have been known to take advantage of information asymmetries in the markets to maximize their own profits at the expense of their […]

Arbitrary Tyranny

I came upon this concept while reading Matthew Yglesias’ Moneybox blog on Slate.  The post detailed, in particular, how condo rules were used to harass journalist Glenn Greenwald, ostensibly because his dog was bigger than condo rules allowed, but more than likely because Greenwald and his partner are gay. Yglesias wrote: …the general way condominium associations […]

A couple of new terms added to the glossary

I have added ‘Asymmetrical Power Relationship’ and ‘Information Warfare’ to the Digital Guerrilla glossary. I have touched on asymmetrical power relationships in earlier posts. Information warfare will figure prominently in several future posts. I am finalizing definitions for a few other important terms which I hope to add soon. Please feel free to quibble or […]

Added a Facebook page

I figure that as I am studying the use of social media I ought to start leveraging available social media tools. I have added a Facebook page which can be viewed here. It is currently quite lacking in content, though I will be working on that. I will be using Facebook to cite interesting articles […]