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Activism, again?

A few weeks back I wrote about how I used the ideas of dignity and justice to tie together my thinking on things like adverse selection, information asymmetries, structural violence, and activism; among other things. One of the problems I have is that things make sense to me in my head, but are not so […]

The System

An activist challenges, and works to make changes to, the system. The system is the people, bodies, and policies in place that serve to maintain order and stability. The system has many names: the powers that be, the status quo, the way it is; each of which partially describes the enormity of the task of […]


The activist works on their own behalf with their own motivations and desires fueling them. The advocate works on someone else’s behalf. Though an advocate may or may not be paid, earning a living is not an indication that the advocate lacks sincerity. However, it does throw some wrenches into the mix. This is not to say […]