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Dorner Part 3: Aftermath

Christopher Dorner has mostly faded away since the end of Dorner’s war on February 12, 2013. The Los Angeles Police Department has made efforts to further discredit him. What news there has been is about who will get the promised reward money, or how the LAPD and its officers suffered during Dorner’s war, or how […]

Dorner Part 2: Dorner’s War

The murders of Monica Quon and Keith Lawrence on February 3, 2013 are the beginning of what I am calling Dorner’s war. Dorner’s war ends with the death of Christopher Dorner on February 12, 2o13. The details of this particular war are readily available, so I will not recount them here. The Violence of action […]

Dorner Part 1 – Asymmetrical Information and adverse selection

The LAPD’s actions have cost me my law enforcement career that began on 2/7/05 and ended on 1/2/09. They cost me my Naval career which started on 4/02 and ends on 2/13. According to Dorner, he was fired from the LAPD because he reported his training officer for excessive force; kicking a suspect in the […]

Christopher Dorner: Asymmetrical Warrior

For the last several weeks I have been following the story of Christopher Dorner. When the murders of Monica Quon and Keith Lawrence were announced on or about February 3, 2013, I did not realize that this would be the beginning of an incredible story that touches on all of the subjects I have been […]