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Facebook against Uber

I have heard about Uber in the last few years. I first learned about Uber as a policy issue. I got a real introduction to Uber a couple of months ago: an old friend of mine has been evangelizing for Uber as a way to get home from the bars after a night of drinking. Today […]

In The Shadow of Mohamed Bouazizi

I recently have been doing a lot of thinking about The Digital Guerrilla Project. Strategic thinking. Wondering if what I have been doing up to now is adequate; wondering if I should stay the course or change the way I go forward. As part of this process I reread the story of the Tunisian Revolution […]

Thai generals versus Facebook

This is an interesting article from Strategy Page. During the last coup in Thailand the old playbook of taking control of the traditional media did little to deter street level demonstrations or the opposition. Facebook appears to be to blame for this lack of proper control. So, logically, the generals decided to block access to […]


I am about to finish another semester of school. Of course, school has given me many things to think about. One of the things I am thinking about is why I started working on The Digital Guerrilla Project. A couple of years ago I noticed how technology can help regular people coordinate and control popular […]

Have I been pursuing a dead end?

I have spent a lot of time thinking and writing about information asymmetries and adverse selection lately. More than once I have wondered if I was on a tangent. There have been a few occasions where I questioned whether any of this had anything to do with the original idea behind the Digital Guerrilla Project. […]


I don’t normally follow regular politics on this blog, but President Obama did something that I found very interesting today. He urged people to contact their congressional representatives in regards to middle class tax cuts. This is not unusual in itself, he often tells people to contact congressional representatives in regard to specific issues. What […]