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I am FINALLY using Twitter

So, my wife and I were talking to Emily, my 19 year old niece, yesterday. She was telling us about how she uses Twitter and how she rarely uses Facebook anymore. We pulled out our iPhones and each followed Emily on Twitter. Then we both got to using it. My wife jumps in headfirst and […]

Smartphones and Military Security

I found this Strategy Page article fascinating for a number of reasons. It explains how technology is causing headaches for the powers that be in the Republic of Korea; a place where I happen to have spent some time in my youth. It seems that the conscripts in the ROK army are using cell phones to […]

Hacking causing headaches for Chinese Government

Strategy Page has this article about hacking in China (where, apparently,”it is still cheaper to steal than write your own code”). Unless given a suitable Chinese substitute many more Chinese will take the effort to learn the techniques that enable them to circumvent the Chinese national firewall and content filtering system. China does not want to […]

The Google and Facebook Bubbles

I’ve been reading Slate again. Today I found an article by Siva Vaidhyanathan arguing that Google and Facebook are interested in wrapping us in information cocoons. The argument he is making is that allowing ourselves to be wrapped in a cocoon of happiness, which both Google and Facebook are attempting to present us, is bad for democratic […]

Syria and the YouTube Revolution

Here is an audio interview with Mohja Kahf. I found this at PRI’s The World. The description explains that Syrians “have brandished their cell-phone cameras to capture scenes from one of the deadliest uprisings of the Arab spring.” Kahf, who is an associate professor of comparative literature at the University of Arkansas, tells of following the […]