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Updates to glossary

I have surprised myself by taking less than a week to update my glossary page. Only five days since I took down the old definitions. I am so proud. Let me make a few clarifications here. These are my working definitions. There are many technical terms that I am trying to explain in a simple […]

New Term in the TDGP glossary

I added a very preliminary definition of The System to The Digital Guerrilla Project glossary page. It works as it is, but  I feel like there should be a bit more there, but I don’t yet know what that is. If the definition seems familiar it is because I adapted it from a phrase I […]

A couple of new terms added to the glossary

I have added ‘Asymmetrical Power Relationship’ and ‘Information Warfare’ to the Digital Guerrilla glossary. I have touched on asymmetrical power relationships in earlier posts. Information warfare will figure prominently in several future posts. I am finalizing definitions for a few other important terms which I hope to add soon. Please feel free to quibble or […]