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I am about to finish another semester of school. Of course, school has given me many things to think about. One of the things I am thinking about is why I started working on The Digital Guerrilla Project. A couple of years ago I noticed how technology can help regular people coordinate and control popular […]

The Power of Twitter

I was reading Slate today when I came across something interesting in a blog post in future tense. The post was titled: “Teens Hate Twitter, World Leaders Love It.” Writer Will Oremus reports, obviously, that teens hate Twitter and world leaders love it. The important thing is the world leaders part. A group called the […]

Syria Goes Dark

Syria cut off over 90% of its internet access today. News reports state that this coincides with increasingly serious clashes between government and rebel forces. Whether or not the clashes are the cause of the blackout remains to be seen. If the Syrian government is behind this then the question that comes to my mind […]


I don’t normally follow regular politics on this blog, but President Obama did something that I found very interesting today. He urged people to contact their congressional representatives in regards to middle class tax cuts. This is not unusual in itself, he often tells people to contact congressional representatives in regard to specific issues. What […]

Smartphones and Military Security

I found this Strategy Page article fascinating for a number of reasons. It explains how technology is causing headaches for the powers that be in the Republic of Korea; a place where I happen to have spent some time in my youth. It seems that the conscripts in the ROK army are using cell phones to […]

Hacking causing headaches for Chinese Government

Strategy Page has this article about hacking in China (where, apparently,”it is still cheaper to steal than write your own code”). Unless given a suitable Chinese substitute many more Chinese will take the effort to learn the techniques that enable them to circumvent the Chinese national firewall and content filtering system. China does not want to […]