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The System

An activist challenges, and works to make changes to, the system. The system is the people, bodies, and policies in place that serve to maintain order and stability. The system has many names: the powers that be, the status quo, the way it is; each of which partially describes the enormity of the task of […]

Rachel Carson and Social Homeostasis

Slate had as article I read this morning, from William Souder. The article tells the story of the reaction to the book and movie, “Silent Spring.” The book, later turned into a movie, was written by Rachel Carson and apparently warned against the indiscriminate use of pesticides (this took place before I was born so I […]

iTunes may have been used to plant spyware, and the power of NGOs

FinFisher is a spyware program used by police and government agencies to spy on a PC without the user’s knowledge. Strategy Page likens it to tapping a computer the same way a phone might be tapped, though in this case no warrant would be required. Wikipedia states that a security flaw in iTunes allowed unauthorized users […]