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It’s not just individuals who are victimized

I went to a meeting of my City Council yesterday evening. I have, through experience, interest, and training, learned to understand and appreciate the process of local government. I can honestly say that I heartily enjoy attending these meetings. Rosemead, the city I live in, is a small, middle-class, suburban city. Rosemead, like many towns, […]

The Power of Twitter

I was reading Slate today when I came across something interesting in a blog post in future tense. The post was titled: “Teens Hate Twitter, World Leaders Love It.” Writer Will Oremus reports, obviously, that teens hate Twitter and world leaders love it. The important thing is the world leaders part. A group called the […]


I don’t normally follow regular politics on this blog, but President Obama did something that I found very interesting today. He urged people to contact their congressional representatives in regards to middle class tax cuts. This is not unusual in itself, he often tells people to contact congressional representatives in regard to specific issues. What […]