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New Ideas on Structural Violence

Way back in 2013 I rediscovered the concept of information asymmetries. I knew then that this would be an important topic going forward. At the time I was particularly enamored of the idea of adverse selection; I did not know how to make use of the other types of information asymmetries: signaling and screening. It took me […]

Screening and Signaling

I had intended to give screening and signaling each their own post. There is no need for it. Though the Nobel people thought of them as important in defining information asymmetry, my own analysis is that they are nowhere near as important as adverse selection. Where adverse selections explains the power relationship between two parties, […]

Information Asymmetry and the Digital Guerrilla

When an individual clicks a checkbox to acknowledge reading a 120 page user agreement that was never even looked at just so they can download an app, they put themselves at a disadvantage. Or whenever a salesperson rushes you through the signing of dozens of documents without allowing you time to read then. In each […]