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In my last post I broached the idea that the standard contract could be used as a tool of structural violence. I have since had some time to look more deeply into the subject. I was excited to find evidence that supports my premise and, unfortunately, I was not at all surprised by this. While […]

Facebook against Uber

I have heard about Uber in the last few years. I first learned about Uber as a policy issue. I got a real introduction to Uber a couple of months ago: an old friend of mine has been evangelizing for Uber as a way to get home from the bars after a night of drinking. Today […]

The Power of Twitter

I was reading Slate today when I came across something interesting in a blog post in future tense. The post was titled: “Teens Hate Twitter, World Leaders Love It.” Writer Will Oremus reports, obviously, that teens hate Twitter and world leaders love it. The important thing is the world leaders part. A group called the […]

Rachel Carson and Social Homeostasis

Slate had as article I read this morning, from William Souder. The article tells the story of the reaction to the book and movie, “Silent Spring.” The book, later turned into a movie, was written by Rachel Carson and apparently warned against the indiscriminate use of pesticides (this took place before I was born so I […]

Amesys facing Judicial Inquiry

The French company that sold mass surveillance equipment to Quddafi is now the subject of a judicial probe in its home country. According to Ryan Gallagher, writing for “future tense” in Slate, “The revelation caused outrage in France, with politicians calling for a parliamentary inquiry into any role the French government might have played in […]

Myth of the Filter Bubble

Jacob Weisberg, interviewed by  Katy Waldman for Slate, argues against the idea of the filter bubble on the Internet that cocoons people in an information echo chambers. He asks, “the fear of a “Daily Me” that only tells you what you already know—that nightmare vision of someone who only cares about the Chicago Bulls, online gambling, […]