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The Google and Facebook Bubbles

I’ve been reading Slate again. Today I found an article by Siva Vaidhyanathan arguing that Google and Facebook are interested in wrapping us in information cocoons. The argument he is making is that allowing ourselves to be wrapped in a cocoon of happiness, which both Google and Facebook are attempting to present us, is bad for democratic […]

In five years everybody will have a smart phone

I found this through Matthew Yglesias’ Moneybox blog, again from Slate (which you may notice is one of my favorite reads). Mr. Horace Dediu reports that over half of U.S. households now have smartphones.  There is a graph showing that it has taken smartphones less than 10 years to reach this level of penetration. Mr. Dediu […]

Another interesting article

I found another article on Slate. This one goes into the history of technologies which have altered the relationships between people and their governments. In the first paragraph the author quotes an Egyptian witness to recent uprising talking about how technology doesn’t solve all of the problems for an activist, “People needed to make real, dangerous […]

Social Control, Pt 2

I wrote earlier today about how social media makes it easy for both friends and enemies to find you. I found this on Slate. It seems that the Syrian government is hunting down people who even hold sympathy for political dissidents.