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The FBI Knows what you’re saying

I am really not surprised that the FBI is collecting and archiving acronyms from social media. I suppose social media is as good a place to look for terrorist as any other. Of course, you have to understand what people are talking about. I guess what surprised me the most was that there are people, […]

The Power of Twitter

I was reading Slate today when I came across something interesting in a blog post in future tense. The post was titled: “Teens Hate Twitter, World Leaders Love It.” Writer Will Oremus reports, obviously, that teens hate Twitter and world leaders love it. The important thing is the world leaders part. A group called the […]

The Year Ahead 2013

My first post to the Digital Guerrilla Project was on March 10, 2012. I wrote 45 posts in 297 days, which is a little under 10 months. This averages out to about a post a week. It is a start. I think my last post helped me to crystallize want I want to do. In 2013 I want […]