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Thai generals versus Facebook

This is an interesting article from Strategy Page. During the last coup in Thailand the old playbook of taking control of the traditional media did little to deter street level demonstrations or the opposition. Facebook appears to be to blame for this lack of proper control. So, logically, the generals decided to block access to […]

iTunes may have been used to plant spyware, and the power of NGOs

FinFisher is a spyware program used by police and government agencies to spy on a PC without the user’s knowledge. Strategy Page likens it to tapping a computer the same way a phone might be tapped, though in this case no warrant would be required. Wikipedia states that a security flaw in iTunes allowed unauthorized users […]

Smartphones and Military Security

I found this Strategy Page article fascinating for a number of reasons. It explains how technology is causing headaches for the powers that be in the Republic of Korea; a place where I happen to have spent some time in my youth. It seems that the conscripts in the ROK army are using cell phones to […]

Hacking causing headaches for Chinese Government

Strategy Page has this article about hacking in China (where, apparently,”it is still cheaper to steal than write your own code”). Unless given a suitable Chinese substitute many more Chinese will take the effort to learn the techniques that enable them to circumvent the Chinese national firewall and content filtering system. China does not want to […]

The Irresistible Force

From Strategy Page, a post about recent happenings in China. Seems that the downfall of Bo Xilai has the Chinese Internet awash with rumors and criticism, which is making the government there uncomfortable. The Chinese government has been unable to slow the spread of these activities, despite shutting down websites and arresting micro-bloggers (these are people […]