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Syria Goes Dark

Syria cut off over 90% of its internet access today. News reports state that this coincides with increasingly serious clashes between government and rebel forces. Whether or not the clashes are the cause of the blackout remains to be seen. If the Syrian government is behind this then the question that comes to my mind […]

Syria Live Blog

Just added a link to the Resources page which is a blog from Al Jazeera that offers up to date information about the happenings there.

Syria and the YouTube Revolution

Here is an audio interview with Mohja Kahf. I found this at PRI’s The World. The description explains that Syrians “have brandished their cell-phone cameras to capture scenes from one of the deadliest uprisings of the Arab spring.” Kahf, who is an associate professor of comparative literature at the University of Arkansas, tells of following the […]

Social Control, Pt 2

I wrote earlier today about how social media makes it easy for both friends and enemies to find you. I found this on Slate. It seems that the Syrian government is hunting down people who even hold sympathy for political dissidents.