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Christopher Dorner: Asymmetrical Warrior

For the last several weeks I have been following the story of Christopher Dorner. When the murders of Monica Quon and Keith Lawrence were announced on or about February 3, 2013, I did not realize that this would be the beginning of an incredible story that touches on all of the subjects I have been […]

Asymmetrical Power Relationships

The concept of the asymmetrical power relationship runs throughout this blog. I defined it in the glossary section, but have not written about it directly. The reason for this is that it was still an incomplete thought. I had an idea of what it was about, but I was not really sure about how to […]

New Term in the TDGP glossary

I added a very preliminary definition of The System to The Digital Guerrilla Project glossary page. It works as it is, but  I feel like there should be a bit more there, but I don’t yet know what that is. If the definition seems familiar it is because I adapted it from a phrase I […]

Information Asymmetry and the Digital Guerrilla

When an individual clicks a checkbox to acknowledge reading a 120 page user agreement that was never even looked at just so they can download an app, they put themselves at a disadvantage. Or whenever a salesperson rushes you through the signing of dozens of documents without allowing you time to read then. In each […]

The System

An activist challenges, and works to make changes to, the system. The system is the people, bodies, and policies in place that serve to maintain order and stability. The system has many names: the powers that be, the status quo, the way it is; each of which partially describes the enormity of the task of […]

What not to do

I was reading an article online this morning about a Marine who got himself into trouble for posting his political views online. Marine Corps Sergeant Gary Stein apparently posted on his Facebook page, which was titled The Armed Forces Tea Party, that he would not follow orders from Obama. Though he later corrected himself and […]