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In The Shadow of Mohamed Bouazizi

I recently have been doing a lot of thinking about The Digital Guerrilla Project. Strategic thinking. Wondering if what I have been doing up to now is adequate; wondering if I should stay the course or change the way I go forward. As part of this process I reread the story of the Tunisian Revolution […]

Using YouTube to beat the VA

I heard this story on NPR, by Quil Lawrence this morning. Kevin English is a Marine who did numerous tours of duty in Iraq. He filed a claim for VA benefits in February of 2011 and then waited for a response that didn’t come. Then his wife, Lindsay Dove, uploaded a video to YouTube which described their […]

Syria and the YouTube Revolution

Here is an audio interview with Mohja Kahf. I found this at PRI’s The World. The description explains that Syrians “have brandished their cell-phone cameras to capture scenes from one of the deadliest uprisings of the Arab spring.” Kahf, who is an associate professor of comparative literature at the University of Arkansas, tells of following the […]