Thesis: Communications technology, in the form of smart phones and social media, has changed the way we access information and has transformed the relationship between a society’s citizens and its institutions.

Mission: To understand how communications technologies disrupt existing power relationships.

Vision: The Digital Guerrilla Project envisions a world where the communication tools available to even the most impoverished of people can be used to provide a level playing for all. By providing access to information that has heretofore not been available to the masses, these tools are useful in obtaining more equitable outcomes for all actors, regardless of their rank, privilege, or stature in society. By providing the means for activists, citizens, and institutions to communicate quickly and directly, these tools mitigate the ability of powerful actors to obscure and obfuscate their actions. The communications tools available today provide almost anyone with the means to resist oppression and are instrumental in the struggle to win dignity and justice for all people.

World View: Current technological tools, like smart phones and social media are changing the dynamics of power in societies all around the world. Activists are using these tools to overcome circumstances of adverse selection and systems of structural violence. Governments and organizations are using the same tools to create clearer lines of communications between themselves and their stakeholders. These tools ultimately lead to the democratization of information; a world where any person who has access to the Internet will gain access to limitless stores of knowledge.

Of course, there are people on all sides using these same tools to protect existing power relationships. Those who have profited from the old paradigms attempt to consolidate their grip on the information they can still control. Tyrants and fools work to muddy the waters by creating propaganda, misinformation, and outright lies. Narcissistic personalities and organizations work tirelessly to aggrandize and enrich themselves.

The goal of the Digital Guerrilla Project is to explore the failures and successes of digital activism as the world inevitably marches toward the democratization of information, in the hope that in examining the conflicts and resolutions that arise, we will be able to provide people and organizations the guidance and insights necessary to help them reach their goals through transformative means which benefit all involved, rather than through distributive means which enrich some while impoverishing others.

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